Poke Mahi is more than a brand. We are an extension of Hawaii’s most celebrated dish – poke. People shrug off poke as a trend that will flood social media feeds and wither out. What they don’t know is that poke has been a staple of Hawaiian cuisine for centuries. Poke Mahi revolutionized poke by infusing traditional island recipes with popular Asian flavors, introducing the mainland to a new and tropical culinary experience.


Our goal? We want customers to experience the vivid, tropical flavors of Hawaii with each bite of our poke bowls. From the moment you walk in through our doors, Poke Mahi delivers a unique dining experience right up to the last grain of rice in your bowl. Many first-timers find our menu fresh and exciting, but we’re committed to making poke bowls casual and familiar for those who seek comfort food. Each Poke Mahi location surpasses expectations because of our ability to listen to the customer and serve them exactly what they crave.


In 2019, the first Poke Mahi location opened in Naples, FL and instantly became a crowd favorite. Customers would drive hours from other cities to discover why people have endlessly praised our poke bowls. Even though we recently splashed into the poke scene, our founding team possesses decades of combined experience within the franchise and poke industries.
What does this mean for you?


We’re inviting everyone who loves Poke Mahi to join our family! Through franchising opportunities, you can invest to operate your own Poke Mahi restaurant and start sharing the gift of our poke bowls with the whole world!


Own a Poke Mahi restaurant in your city!

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